Mi-Frame Picture Framing and Gallery provides a bespoke framing service and limited edition prints from local and national artists.

Mi-Frame is a member of the Fine Art Trade Guild.

Our new gallery will be available to visit by appointment.



Mi-frame is currently located on the A4103 near Cradley next to the Blue Ginger Gallery.

We will shortly be moving to a new workshop and gallery at the Hop Pocket craft centre near Bishops Frome. This space is currently being built out to our custom specification.


Mi-Frame offers Limited Edition and Open Edition prints of illustrations from popular children's stories, music and movie stills. 


Illustrators include:

  • Quentin Blake/Roald Dahl

  • Shirley Hughes

  • Dick Bruna

  • Edward Monkton

  • Wallace and Gromit

There are also a range of limited edition prints from local and national artists including:

  • Jackie Morris

  • Paul Evans

  • Anna Pugh

  • David Brindley

If you would like an appointment to view any of the artists work, please get in touch.


Mi-frame offers a bespoke framing service to present your picture exactly as you'd like it to suit your tastes and decor. 

We can frame almost anything, including original artwork, prints, object framing and sports clothing.

Appointment only - to ensure a better customer experience for you.

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Mi-Frame offers a friendly and supportive consultation on your appointment and a finished framed piece usually within two to three weeks. Urgent jobs can sometimes be completed within days but may incur an extra charge. 

Miles Meager, GCF - I've been framing for residential and business customers for over 20 years and am a member of the fine art trade guild and a guild commended framer. 


I started framing as most of my family are artists and I thought their work would be great framed.





The Old Railway

The Hop Pocket

Bishops Frome

Tel: 01886 880964

Mobile: 07923893135

Email: milesmeager@mi-frame.co.uk

By Appointment.

Evening and weekend appointments are available. 

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